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Ours is a very small breeding program. Our goal is to breed sound, healthy, versatile Aussies which can compete in conformation, herding, agility, obedience or rally, as well as serve as loving companions. When we do breed, genetic soundness, intelligence and temperament are of utmost importance. Chase Aussies have proven themselves successful in all competitive venues, but we are happy to say that the most important job of all for a Chase Aussie is to be a loving, rewarding companion. Adopting a dog means a lifetime commitment to that dog, and if you choose a Chase Aussie, it means becoming a part of the Chase Australian Shepherd family, a relationship which brings boundless joy to us. We love competing with our dogs, but the love they bring us and the happiness they bring to the families that adopt them is our greatest blessing.

We hope you enjoy looking through our site as much as we have enjoyed the sixteen years of Aussie memories that it represents!

Email us at Chaseaussies@aol.com.

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