These special dogs stole my heart, and I loved them like they were my own. Their passing still aches, but the memory of their inner and outer beauty still brings a smile.

Ch. Cimarron's Gotcha Number - Amanda
Here's Amanda with Lauri Butler, her breeder and my friend. When Lauri and I used to travel together, Amanda would sleep with me, and I would tease Lauri that Amanda loved me more. Lauri and I took Amanda to Westminster and to the Florida USASA Nationals before putting her on a plane for her first breeding. Lauri died three days before that litter was born, and she never got to see those puppies we had so eagerly awaited.

Ch. Cimarron's Sterling Silver - Teddy
Teddy was bred by Lauri, but he was Gail's dog and the foundation of Callisto Aussies. He was a gentleman, and he was poetry in motion. Lauri described him once as "water flowing;" he moved with such grace and ease. Even as a veteran, it was a joy to see him move. I met Teddy at my firstASCA show. Lauri had promised my eight year old daughter, who had never shown before,  that she could show a dog. So Gail lent us Teddy, who had never before seen Lyndsay, but he didn't bat an eye and showed like the true champ he was. In 1996 he won Stud Dog at Nationals, which was especially poignant since we had lost Lauri only months before. If you've ever seen a Callisto dog float across the floor, you are seeing Teddy.
Mattie Hayes   LaPlata's I'm-A-Po-Too, CD - Raz
Mattie Hayes was one of the foundations of Po Aussies and was the granddam of my foundation bitch, Chelsea. She was a premier-winning bitch and she was as sweet as they come.  Her memory lives on in generations of  Po and Chase Aussies.   My favorite trait of my Chelsea is her intelligence and her sweet, loving temperament. She got that heart from her daddy, Raz, a son of HOF Ch. Rising Sun of Windermere. She stamped that temperament on every puppy she produced, and her children have passed that temperament on to their puppies, too. Thanks, Raz
Bobbie's litter was the first Aussie litter I ever saw whelped. Sue called me at 1 A.M and said they were coming, so I jumped in my van and drove the hour in 45 minutes to be there to see Bobbie and Billy and Barney and Sophie born. Sue said I could have pick of the litter, and Bobbie, was my favorite from that first night, but I knew she was Sue's favorite, too, so I took Sophie. But, I always loved Bobbie. I was so proud when Gail and I took her to Nationals for Sue and she took a premier - happy to do that for Sue and happy that the Aussie world could see what an awesome little dog she was. She was a special little bitch.

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